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Info Needed on EMA12000

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Info Needed on EMA12000

Hi Everybody

I am looking info on the above. What controller the EMA12000 Series hardware uses. I am bit confused after seeing the documentation. It says HSG80 as well as 2200 controller.

Also let me know how to configure the diskarray? which software does that work.

I appreciate your cooperation
Thanking You
Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: Info Needed on EMA12000

Following links may help:



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Christian Schwartz-Søre
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Re: Info Needed on EMA12000

Hi there. The HSG80 controller is located in a 2200 controller enclosure.
Hope this info cleared up your confusion.

Mike Naime
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Re: Info Needed on EMA12000

The initial setup/prep work MUST be done by the serial console CLI ports on the controllers. After that, you can use a GUI tool like StorageWorks Command Console to access and program your storage.

If you do a LOT of storage configuration, you will find that the CLI is simpler and faster to use than the GUI tools.

The important thing to remember when planning your layout is that the shelf is a SCSI channel, and that when you create mirrors or raidsets, you want to select spindles from different shelves for each member. This allows you to survive a shelf failure!

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