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Information about autoraid

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Information about autoraid

Hello all

I need a clarification about Autoraid 12H
We are having a autoraid 12H with single
Raid controller. We want to replace raid
controller. Before that I have shutdown
the disk array properly and contents of
nvram are copied to disks . Now my question
is how to transfer the contents ( information about how the datas are stored in harddisks ) back to nvram of new controller. whether
it will do automatically or any procedure
is required ? Pls clarify.

Thanks and regards

Antoanetta Naghiu
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Re: Information about autoraid

See man arrayrecover or ARDIAG for off-line work. (from ISL> ODE , ODE>ARDIAG It has help on-line.
Good luck.
Insu Kim
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Re: Information about autoraid

Rules for replacement.

NOTICE that All mounted file systems and LVM logical volumes mapped to the disk array must be unmounted and the firmware version of the new controller should be identical to the one of current controller in the array box, You can check it with HP part Number.

If you perform a shutdown from the control panel, the NVRAM copy would go to the hard disk, then install the new controller and turn the array power off and on again.

If shutdown process fails, contact HP Service, I think.
Please be sure that the NVRAM memory data is saved to disk by successful shutdown.
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Re: Information about autoraid

Check this informations:


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Re: Information about autoraid

You said "replacing" in a single controller unit (not "adding"). The biggest concern I have would be the firmware version on the "new" controller. The part number with HP60 is A3706-69006 but if the part is not brand new or from us (H.P.) then it is possible the firmware may have been migrated to something else. I would recommend looking at your current controller firmware with arraydsp -a or via front panel VIEW SETTINGS. If it matches your new controller then doing a front panel shutdown
is all that is necessary. Disconnect the batteries on the "new" controller for a minute to ensure no stored config exists from
its prior use. When starting the array back
up the config information will be loaded onto
this controller. If your firmware is at HP54
or higher then RECOVERY is possible should a
"no address table" result for some reason.

Now, if you are "adding" a 2nd controller to your single controller unit, then confirm the firmware version of it and that it is in the X position and the array is READY.
Shutdown and power off the array.
Install 2nd controller in Y position.
Power up the array and if firmware is matched
the unit will come READY. If firmware does
NOT match you will have "NEED FIRMWARE"
message. Front panel COPY FIRMWARE command
can be found under CONTROLLER CHANGES menu BUT NOTE: If you are trying to do a firmware upgrade I would recommend calling HP for
assist since there are some gotchas regarding
firmware versions, 9Gb mechs, and procedures
to avoid DATA LOSS.
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Re: Information about autoraid

Hello In-su kim

I have successfully stored the NVRAM
contents to harddisks by shutdown option.
I am going to replace the raid controller
during offline only ( DISK ARRAY is powered
off). Now my question is the contents which
I stored in harddisks (nvram contents) will
get transfered to new raid controller
automatically while powering on the Disk
Array or any command is required to do this ?
Pls clarify

Thanks and Regards


Re: Information about autoraid


Yes the "nvram contents" will load onto the new controller when you power up the array (and as long as the issues raised in my last post are eliminated). No command is needed.