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Install/Upgrade Procedure from Integrated Controller

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Install/Upgrade Procedure from Integrated Controller

Please review and comment;
Procedure to install a new Compaq 431 Array Controller.
(The new controller is pre-configured with v1.18a)

This procedure was successfully tested 4/23/01.

Starting Configuration
* Compaq DL580, 2 processors
* Integrated Smart2 Array Controller v1.42 (primary disk controller,
cabled to hardware RAID5 (3 disks + 1 hot spare))
* NT4, sp6a installed and running.
* Compaq System Bios P20 1/21/2001

1) In NT, launch the CP000484.exe (NT 4 drivers for Smart2 Array Controllers, version 4.4.3).

Note; when booting with an NT4 Server DC, and pressing F6, this diskette lists the following driver (which works with BOTH the integrated controller AND the 431 Smart Array Controller;

"Compaq Integrated Smart Array 42xx/43x Controllers"

This driver is also listed in the SSD utility but it lists a version that cannot be reconciled just yet. Why are they different (we went from to as indicated during install, but running SSD 2.19a shows "Product version = 2.22 and File version 4.04 ???)

2) Shutdown (power off).

3) Physically install the 431 Controller card in a 32mhz slot (6=our standard), and move the SCSI cable from the integrated array controller to the 431 controller. The integrated controller card should not be physically removed (you will have no serial ports for mouse, or keyboard and will have no video port). There is no known way ??? to disable the integrated controller card (message = "1785-slot0, drive array not configured,no drives found") will appear on each subsequent reboot. Server reboots will not halt as a result of this status, i.e. the system boots normally.

4) Power up.

5) Look for the "F8" option, during the very first bootup after installing the 431 controller. If the "boot controller" has not already been selected, hit F8 to "select as boot controller". This choice will not appear if the 431 controller was previously selected as boot controller on your hardware (The algorithm used by the system to automatically set boot order among multiple controllers is not known ???. Does it use last known primary, best/fastest card, or what?). If the option does exist, then after pressing F8, set the 431 controller to be the boot controller.