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Installation of new disk enclosures in EVA8100

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Installation of new disk enclosures in EVA8100

Dear Pros,

I need to add 3 new disk enclosures to my EVA8100.
Should I upgrade the firmware of the disks so that all the disks firmware in the EVA match, or is it Ok to configure disks with different firmwares in the same EVA, where each disk group contains disks of the same firmware.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
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Re: Installation of new disk enclosures in EVA8100

its always best to keep all the firmwares up to date, not only the disk firmware, but also the controllers, EMUs, etc. The other thing is, that after the 3 new enclosures installation and the disks addition, you will have the new RSSs created only within these 3 disk enclosures. The default RSS number is 8 physical disks. That means that you will have more then one RSS disk in one enclosure and in case of the enclosure failure, all respective Disk Groups are inaccessible. Therefore check the current RSSs and if they are fully vertical, you should do the RSS redesign after the disk enclosures addition to have the full vertical RSS layout
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Re: Installation of new disk enclosures in EVA8100


You are unlikely to get all of the disks to the same firmware, as you are very likely to have more than one type of disk in the EVA.

As you'll see on the firmware page here:


for each type of drive, there are numerous different models, all of which have different firmware revisions.

The general rule is to ensure that the firmware is at the latest.