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Installation question

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Installation question

I've installed a 431 in a Compaq 370, and seem to have a problem getting NT to recognize it. This will be the boot drive, so I tried F6'ing during the installation, but the floppy disk only shows 4 types of drives....If I let the installation continue, and try to install by the book, I get the 431 controller option off the same floppy, but it can't detect any drives to install NT. Any help?
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Installation question

1) Run SmartStart
2) Create the 4 NT install diskettes
3) If booting from NT4 cd start hitting F6 when cd starts to boot, under win2k hit F6 when you seee the prompt.
4) At the next window, select S to specify mass storage device.
5) At the next window, select Other
6) Insert SSD diskette with scsi subdirectory ; (disk 2 currently)
7) Select "Compaq Integrated Smart Array\42xx Controllers"
8) At the next window, select S to specify more mass storage devices
9) At the next window, hit the UP arrow and select IDE CD-ROM
10) Continue hitting S to specify mass storage devices until all scsi and array drivers are recognized
11) Proceed with rest of NT installation