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Installing Windows 2008 X64 on Raid 5 6TB

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Installing Windows 2008 X64 on Raid 5 6TB

Hi, I have a X1600 storage server with 6x1TB
I have created a Raid 5 and installed the OS on it.When I looked in the disk managemant I saw that only 2TB were adressed by windows, and that the other space was unlocated.Later I found out thathis was becouse the whole space was formated in mbr... I wanted to change this to gpt but without succes. Also I'm not sure if the os can boot from gpt?

I have now reinstaled it again, with one Raid 1(OS), and Raid 5 for data. But I'm not satisfied with this configuration becouse I'loosing to much space..

Does anybody know how can I solve this issue. Or what would be the best Practice, which type of array to choose for this server.


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing Windows 2008 X64 on Raid 5 6TB

I am not familiar with the fine details of the X1600, but if it has a SmartArray controller, there is a good chance that you can:

- create one large disk drive array with all disk drives
- create on 'small' logical disk in this array for the OS
- create a large logical disk with the remaining space of the same array for the data

That way you can use an MBR-partitioned boot disk and a second GPT-partitioned data disk.