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Installing a 3200 into an existing configuration

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Installing a 3200 into an existing configuration

Hi. I purchased a used Proliant 3000 and found my controller Smart Araay 3200 wouldn't initialize. The server has no fixed drives and none of the utilities allowed me to configure the card. So, I pulled the card and installed the OS, plugging the power supplies for the duplex onto the mother board. now, I'd like to see if I can run the Online flash and get the card going. Can someone explain how to go about adding the card back in, including the flash portion? Thanks much.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Installing a 3200 into an existing configuration

Follow this link and it will create a bootable floppy with the Flash on it for the 3200. The only problem is that you cannot flash the array controller unless it initialize. Try to reseat the daughter board and maybe even try a different slot. If it won't initialize there is not much you can do. Good luck.
Here's the link: Diskette #1
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