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Installing/configuring VA7100


Installing/configuring VA7100

What are the exact steps(cookbook) in installing and configuring VA7100 disk array for high performance and high space availability.
Solution needed as soon as possible please.

Ricardo Rocha
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Re: Installing/configuring VA7100


Maybe you want to visit


There are some other issues to be aware of, will you need secure manager or do you have alternate paths on win2k?

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Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: Installing/configuring VA7100

for high space availability you can disable active hot spare and you'll be able to create more LUNs or LUNs with greater size; for perfomance if you use Autopath, please set it up to work in preferred path mode. All preferred paths (or primary paths in unix)should lie through VA controller 1 (C1). For VA7400, where there are 2 Redundancy Groups (RG1 and RG2) preferred path for LUNs created within RG1 should lie through C1, and for LUNs within RG2 through C2
Good luck!
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Re: Installing/configuring VA7100

What system, what application? High performance random, or sequential? How many disks?
hyun-seok kim
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Re: Installing/configuring VA7100

as My personal opinion..

1. check All avail size
ex) 100GB
2. divide by 2 LUN (50G +50G)
3. make one volume group
4. make your desired lvol using stripe option..

UNIX for all
Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Installing/configuring VA7100

1. Make sure you access each LUN through its primary path and not the alternate this has severe performance impacts. Check each Redundancy groups fibre channel address and to which controller it goes. This is a very important step, in finding the correct path to a lun.

2. The striping trick as described above.

3. Make sure you have 2Gig FC cards, and that they are running in the 2Gig mode and not the 1 Gig mode.

4. Remember a lot of the high availabilty features is available on the VA so do not try to make a HA device out of luns in software.

5. Off course look at your operating system

6. A firmware check early in a VA's life is also a great idea ;)

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Re: Installing/configuring VA7100

- The performance path is thru C1
- The 7100 already stripes across all disks, so additional lvol striping is unnecessary.
- The 7100 is a 1GB device
- Upgrade to HP17 firmware