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Installing second Smart Array 641

Tobias Åman
Occasional Visitor

Installing second Smart Array 641


I have installed a second Smart Array 641 into our fileserver to get more diskspace and it works great but the only thing that bothers me i sthat when i boot the server i get some error about Fan Kit not installed or similar. My question is what fan kit?

Insight Manager shows this error

Box Type: Internal Storage System
Thermal Status: OK
Vendor: COMPAQ Fan Status: Failed
Model: PROLIANT 4L2I Power Supply Status: No Redundant Power Supply
Serial Number: N/A Backplane Speed: Ultra3
Firmware Revision: 1.70 Drive Bays: 2
Board Revision: 0 Duplex Option: None

Best regards
Tobias Åman
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Re: Installing second Smart Array 641

Hi ,
what is the disk enclosure your are having . suspecting fan failed in the disk enclosure may be.