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Integrating two VA7410's

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Doug Lucy

Integrating two VA7410's

I've got a couple of production HP-UX boxes sharing a HP Virtual Array 7410. We have purchased a single HP-UX box and a second VA7410 for disaster recovery and we have located them in a nearby (0.5 mi) facility.

I was wondering if the two VA's, one production and one disaster recovery, can be integrated in some automated fashion to reduce downtime in the event of a failure. For instance, can half the mirrors in the primary VA7410 be located in the disaster recovery VA7410?

The two sets of machines are very close and we can certainly run fiber between them. Is there any advantage to doing so?



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Re: Integrating two VA7410's

Of course you can use LVM to mirror the first VA to the second.

Just create similar LUNs on the new VA, connect it to the SAN and mirror your VGs.

Hope this helps!

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Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: Integrating two VA7410's

I am using 02 VA7400 as your desire.
each VA is placed 7km long each other.
It is too easy with using lv mirror. (HP Mirror ed Disk UX need to be purchased)
#vgcreate vgname PV1 PV2
PV1,PV2 is path of each VA
#lvcreate lvname
#lvextend -m 1 lvname PV2
HP is simple