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Invalid Management Path on VA 7410

Mike Dame
Occasional Visitor

Invalid Management Path on VA 7410

I had to move my host to another hostname that
had my VA and now when I do a "armdsp -i" I am getting a "Management Path" that is no longer valid hostname. Does anyone how to change this?
Mike Dame
Occasional Visitor

Re: Invalid Management Path on VA 7410

I think... "Think" I have found a way to do this. I did a "armdiscover -delete" which deleted the old and new hostnames that the armdsp showed. Then when I did another discover it discovered both hosts again, even though the first host does not exist.. so I did a "armdiscover -h mybadhostname.abc.com -delete"
which I now allows me to start launcher correctly.

If someone has a better solution, let me know....