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Iops on xp256

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Augusto Vinhaes
Frequent Advisor

Iops on xp256

Hi all !
We are replacing the xp256 and we would like to know its number of iops (from cache). I've tried to get it from the Hp site, but it's not there anymore. My intention is to compare xp256 and Clariion Cx700. Could you help me, please ?

Best regards,
Augusto Vinhaes
Chris Callihan_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Iops on xp256

from an old presentation i found, iops from cache was 48000

but if you are looking for real world cache performance, the XP256 MAY actually outperform the CX because you will have a much larger cache with the XP, and therefore have a better chance of getting a cache hit
Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: Iops on xp256

Augusto -
A year and a half ago we changed out our XP512 for an EVA 5000.
Prior to the purchase, we had presentations by EMC, Dell, IBM, HP on their solutions similar to the EVA 5000.
In the end we chose the EVA based on price, reliability, and performance.
Since the change, we found our I/O for reads and writes comparable or superior to what we saw with the XP.
I sincerely hope you and your company gives plenty of considerations to the like storage devices of the vendors mentioned.
Though I have no doubt we would have been happy with the EMC or IBM solution. Since it was being introduced into and HP server/backup environment our choice was als that of less confusion when a problem arises and eliminated vendor finger pointing.

Best of luck with your decision.


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