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Is it an XP12000 ..?

Operations Bridge
Occasional Contributor

Is it an XP12000 ..?

Wonder if someone in HP can check out a Serial number for me ..? We (BT - Connecting for Health) had some storage delivered for Compaq Non-Stop servers. We have XP128s onsite but someone has said this new array is an XP12000. The serial number is USHB033284. work in the HP XP Storage/SAN Team and recognise that this format of serial number does look like an XP serial number. I have no access to the HP-Net to check this out.

Thanks in advance,

Charles Keenan
Peter Mattei
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Re: Is it an XP12000 ..?

This is definitely a XP128.
You can check it out yourself.
Go to the license site and reprint your licenses

You need the last fife digits of the ser nr.

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