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Is my KZPCC controller flaky?

Nick Bishop (Kiwi)
Frequent Advisor

Is my KZPCC controller flaky?



Our KZPCC-CE controller has some unexpected behaviour - when we go into 'run bios x' and ^D to get into the controller config, the right hand side of the screen frequently refreshes (sometimes every second). And occasionally the keyboard stops working (press RESET button and repeat run bios to get back in).


Also, during operation, it sometimes shows all 6 disks with the red crossed out drum (a few seconds) - we expect this during boot-up, but not during an idle SRM prompt, or an idle UNIX system?


If I get a replacement KZPCC-AC (single) instead of KZPCC-CE (3 channel), can I continue to read the drives (RAIDSets created on the CE)?


System details

DS20E system with KZPCC-CE controller, BA610-6D with 6 drives * 36GB.

SRM version is V7.3-1

Run Bios -> Help About (on KZPCC) -> Adaptec RAID setup utility V1.12/33I 8/8/2000

Running Tru64 5.1B-6


So ... is the controller suspect?