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JBOD FMT with DS2405


JBOD FMT with DS2405

Hi all, I'm trying to convert my 146gb VAdisk to DS format. I've done this many times in the past but I'm having lots of errors at the moment.
I have installed CMDview SDM version 1.07, and the hardware is: C3600 workstation, A6795A FC card, C7525A FC cable, DS2405 disk system with 3x 146gb drives from different sources(I.E. not the same batch).
When using #CVUI to JBOD fmt each disk, I get the following error...
ERROR: Format failed.

Failed the read command, Op Code: 0x25
Unknown SCSI status Status:1024 Error Status:1024
Press [Enter] to continue>

This happens on all three disks and on two different DS2405's. The only things that have remained the same are the server and the disks.

Something else I might point out is when I try to test the disks in MSTM, they pass instantly! I'm sure this usually means the header on the disk could be corrupt? If anyone has any ideas then please let me know...


Ewan McDonald