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JBOD ds2100 as shared storage

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JBOD ds2100 as shared storage

Thank's to all , but i ask about Legato cluster on Linux ,not MC/Service Guard.In Legato they no need any special requirements, just RAID Manager (Netraid-2M) that support shared SCSI bus and property termination ...
If that is right ?If Netraid-2M now to make mirror between two ds2100 Jbod's or i need LVM for Linux to do this ?
Thank's in advance !
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Enes Dizdarevic
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Re: JBOD ds2100 as shared storage

Yes, you can mirror disk using 2M and ds2100. If you have only one ds2100 create raid1 from disks in that box. If you have two ds2100 connect one to first channel and other to second channel on 2M and create raid1 using disks from first and second channel.