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JNI card not functionning on N4000

M Batteux
Occasional Visitor

JNI card not functionning on N4000

I am trying to test a JNI card FCE-6410-N on a N4000 server that already has 2 HP A5158A HBA cards. The tachyon driver has been removed.

This JNI card should see HDS9960 LUNs.

We have the message : "jnic400_getTargetList : pb with portid 0x011900, will ignore".

Did anybody experienced that case and has an idea? It would be great!!

Herv? (herve.briard@laposte.fr).
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: JNI card not functionning on N4000

hello Herve,

it looks like the card is looking out to the Fabric and sees a problem there with port 9. What device is on port id 0x011900 ?

Is this card connected to a FC Switch ? is this card connected to port 9 of that FC Switch ? if yes, it might be a good idea to swap the GBIC in the card and switch as well as the cable with known good ones.

If the JNI is not connected to port 9, what device is ? And is it working properly with other hosts ?

You may wish to send us a map of your topology

best regards

M Batteux
Occasional Visitor

Re: JNI card not functionning on N4000

Hi Caliban!

Thanks for your ideas!! They have arrived at the very moment we found the reason why we had problems!

In fact EZFibre must see for each target LUN 00 at first !!

We have at the same time a problem of instability between the HBA card and the Fabric. We are investigating.

Read you soon!!

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: JNI card not functionning on N4000

JNI cards are not supported by HDS... and certianly not by HP (they have some severe operational problems and data corruptions).

You should change them out for TachLite cards.
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