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JNI cards not supported

Telefonica OSI
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JNI cards not supported

Vincent Fleming posted in a reply on June 16, 2001 16:54 PM GMT tht
JNI cards are not supported by HDS... and certianly not by HP (they have some severe operational problems and data corruptions).

Any facts on this?
I've got an HP - JNI - HDS configuration running, and this coment makes me shiver...
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Re: JNI cards not supported

On JNI's website they have drivers for the HPUX OS. Within the readme file they list support for a variety of HP PCI systems along with the Hitachti 7700 array. I have seen JNI's installed in HP boxes running EMC arrays with no problems. HP has their own fibre channel card, so there may be a conflict of interest here, but JNI had done some pretty good testing on the Sun products with these cards and succeeded there. Not sure if I helped or not but I got the JNI info from www.jni.com.

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Vincent Fleming
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Re: JNI cards not supported

JNI will support the configuration, but they are the only ones.

HP tested the JNI cards (there are approx 50 test cases that are run), and the JNI cards failed before completing the first 5 tests.

JNI makes nice cards, however. It's just the support that you have to worry about. Oh, byt the way, that "feature" where you see more than 8 LUNs per port - it's going away. You will be forced (by HDS) to upgrade your microcode soon (this month), and your additional LUNs will disappear.

Good luck.
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