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Jamaica Storage - Share

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Henry Goverde
Frequent Advisor

Jamaica Storage - Share

Is it possible to allow 2 K-Class servers to share disks located in a Jamaica storage enclosure?

There are 6 disks in the Jamaica box and I would like to allocate 3 disks to each of the two systems.

Thanks In Advance



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Timothy Czarnik
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Jamaica Storage - Share


Yes! On the back of the Jamaica you should see 4 SCSI connectors, 2 on top, 2 on the bottom. More to the point, 2 on the left, and 2 on the right. IF you don't connect the 2 sides together via SCSI cable, then they are 2 completely different paths. Any disks on the left side will be available to the server that is SCSI cabled to that side, and the same follows with the right side. Note that you need to terminate the unused SCSI connectors on the back.

Hope this helps!

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Curt Thompson
Respected Contributor

Re: Jamaica Storage - Share

Hello Henry,

OR, you could connect a jumper cable between the left and right sides of the Jamaica enclosure and provide termination on the SCSI cards in each host. That way, all your disk can be made available to each host.

Good Luck,
Philip P. Hartl
Valued Contributor

Re: Jamaica Storage - Share

Curt's approach works, and in fact we are using it, however you must be careful to keep track of which server owns which disks since both will see all the drives. You could attempt to access a single drive from both servers which if you are lucky would likely cause one or both servers to panic.
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