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Jamaica Units Disk support

doris grady
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Jamaica Units Disk support

Will the Jamaica array units with eight low-profile (1" high) slots support any of the larger disks (36gb, 18gb?).
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Re: Jamaica Units Disk support

Hi doris,

there were products from 1 up to 18 GB supported for this JBOD.

Look at this thread, if you need some:


Hope this helps!

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Jesse Dougherty
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Re: Jamaica Units Disk support

Hi Doris, yes, the A3312A & A3311A Jamaica array will support drives up to 180GB. HP only made up to a 18GB drive (A5286A) for the array but we have used 36GB & 180GB drives in the Jamaica's with no problems.

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Jamaica Units Disk support

hi doris,

Hp made the low profile disks caddies with upto 18gb disks in them. This was the largest supported size by HP.

Although larger disks may work, they wont of course have Hp firmware on them which some systems require, especially the e3000's.

Also the new disks would normally be alot faster drives, but you would'nt see the benefit of this on the older 20mbs scsi bus.
You could end up with scsi data bottlenecks aswell if you have alot of users accesing files down the same slow bus

It may also work out cheaper to buy a newer type of disk box that can take and support higher capacity disks and gain the speed benefit. That depends upon the system though aswell