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KZPAC RAID Controller

Jolly Varkey K
Occasional Visitor

KZPAC RAID Controller

I am having AlphaServer DS20 with Digital Unix TRU64 Ver 5.1a installed. This server is connected with storage array KZPAC controller. I am having of 10 * 36 GB disk. Now my problem is the capacity of the disk showing is 1378 MB no matter whether it is 1 disk or 4 disks.
Don Billing_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: KZPAC RAID Controller


The problem is that the old KZPAC controller was only meant to support disk drives up to 9GB in capacity. It is severely limited in that the largest logical drive that you can create is 32GB MAX. The release notes are here.


If you need capacity, I would really look at upgrading your controller. Hope this helps.

Don Billing