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KZPCC Battery calibration time


KZPCC Battery calibration time


I have just installed a KZPCC 3-port RAID controller with a new battery. The controller shows a status of Battery calibration taking place.

It has been like this for in excess of 60 hours. The documentation does indicate that it may take a long time. Is this time excessive ? There are no errors in the error log. Is there any reason that it may take so long ?

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Re: KZPCC Battery calibration time


24 to 48 hours would be the time expected to get full charge from completely discharged.

One thing, to charge and complete the normalization process, you have to actually have I/O on the controller. The Calibration will not even start until there is I/O on the controller. (even performing a format on the logical drive from the O/S will start this)
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Eduardo E. Silva
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Re: KZPCC Battery calibration time

Andrew, I need to reinstalled mi KZPCC, but lost the boot disks. WOuld you be kind enough to send email a copy of the disks contents ?

Or...an URL at HP site where I can download these drivers...


Ed Silva

Re: KZPCC Battery calibration time