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L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000

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L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000

Tonight one of our eva3000 had a controller restart with Controller Termination Event Log entry: 04273914 L2 Cache Parity error.
After reboot it started to work properly but what happened?

Some other errors connected:

Error Getting Name 0400031c #3966505
HSV100 controller operation was terminated due to an unrecoverable event detected by either software or hardware or due to an action initiated via the Storage System Management Interface.
Corrective action code: 03 More details

Controller A 0306000a #3966488
An HSV100 controller has been ousted from the Storage System.
Corrective action code: 00 More details

Controller A 0637c404 #3966476
A Fibre Channel physical disk drive firmware revision has been detected by the physical disk drive firmware load process that is later than the latest known supported revision.
Corrective action code: c4 More details

Controller A 0401031c #3966470
This HSV100 controller has received a last gasp message from another HSV100 controller prior to it terminating operation.
Corrective action code: 03 More details

Controller A 060b4709 #3966465
A non-data exchange sent to a physical disk drive has timed out.

Prakash Singh_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000

Hi Daniel,

This could happen due to any Host port error for which log analysis would be required.

But, one occurrence of TC 04273914 does not require controller replacement. If another termination(with same termination code) occurs within 3 months of time for the same controller then replace it. Shut down and Restart of controller is recommended for the termination

Also suggested to Upgrade the latest VCS code that is version: 3110 for active passive and 4100 for active active firmware.

Hope this helps,



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Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000

The errors you see there, are they close to the same second? Do you see anything going on before the #3966470 besides the disk timeout? Disk timeout may very well have been because of the controller restarting - and not what caused the controller restart :)

Cache parity errors are quite rare and seldom seen again after the one occurance - but the controller restarts to recover from the error.

Do you see any errors now in CV?

Re: L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000

After restart all is OK, it's been 16h since then

Some more logs attached. Event log is at the bottom
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: L2 Cache Parity error on eva3000


Well the logs you posted don't go back long enough to say - to me it looks like they are all from the restart. I don't have access to the hp eva log reader tool anymore so can't help you with that.