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LC2 on a Proliant ML310

Bill Ruys
Occasional Advisor

LC2 on a Proliant ML310

I have installed many LC2 controllers into ML330 and ML350 servers with no problems.

Recently, a colleague built an ML310 G3 (SCSI model) with an LC2 controller. We have had no end of problems with it.

Often, when the server is booted, it may take 5 minutes to initialize the RAID1 set of disks. Once the RAID set has initialized, the server is taking 45 minutes or more to boot into 2K SBS.

I have replaced every major component in this server, including the LC2, system board, CPU, power supply, hard drives, you name it. I've even performed a fresh install of SBS, but the problem persists.

The quick specs on the ML310 suggest that the LC2 is a supported controller, but the LC2 specifications only list the ML330, ML350 and the DL320 servers.

Has anyone out there got an ML310 successfully using an LC2 on a Win2K platform?