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LH3000 Raid 1 Fail Drive

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LH3000 Raid 1 Fail Drive

I have a LH3000 (Integrated NetRaid) with 2 RAID 1 Array, 36GB x 2 and 72GB x 2. Was in the process of adding 2 x 144GB as Array 3 Raid 1. The process was hamper with the drive cage jam unable to unlock the dummy drive for removeable. Took out the drive cage and manage to unlock it without the key. After putting in the new 144GB drive. I proceed to bootup Windows but it hang after the Windows 2000 Server screen without any message.

Thought it was the new drive. So I hard shutdown the server and took out both the 144GB hot swap drive. Boot up the Windows but it was the same. Dismantle the drive cage to check and then clean up the contact and then this time it bootup. In that process I unlatch one of the 36GB and it was mark DISC 1 Failed. I took it out and proceed with the installation the 144GB x 2 for the 3rd Array Raid 1 with Netraid Utility for Windows. It was succesfull.

So now I have

Array 1 (2 x 36GB) 1 Logical Vol (Disc 1 fail)
Degraded Mode
Array 2 (2 x 72GB) 1 Logical Vol
Array 3 (2 x 144GB) 1 Logical Vol

This is my mistake. I reboot the system with the Failed Disc 1 and proceed to Crtl+M into the Netraid Bios Utility. Went to try to do a rebuild, then when it just started at 0% I aborted it and reboot the server, thinking I should use the Netraid Utility in Windows to rebuild over night with the Windows Server booted.

Now when I boot up the LH3000 with the Failed Disc 1 in it the NetRaid comes out with a message that the NVRAM is not consistent and it proceed to the Crtl+M and it took longer time to scan the disc. I then down the server and remove the Failed Disc 1. It bootup fine with Array 1 degraded mode and Disc 1 mark Failed.

Can someone guide me as how to bring the Failed Disc 1 back online again.