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LUN Configuration for P2000 G3

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LUN Configuration for P2000 G3

I have 3 Hyper-v HOST and 1 P2000 G3 Fiber SAN w/Fiber Switches so we can have more than 2 HOST connected.

Over the weekend i added 15 more drives to expand the space.  Created my Vdisk and created a volume.  When it got to the Mapping the LUN it gave the same lun # to all the host.  I didn't originally setup the Fiber Connections on this system, but each Volume is set with a different LUN # for each host instead of all having the same ones.


Vdisk-1 has LUN 1, for host 1, lun 2 for host 2, etc. Same goes for Vdisk-2.  All set Explicit.  When i added Vdisk-3 it defaulted to LUN # spread across all ports.


My question is for a windows CSV cluster what is the correct way to set it up?