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LUN & AutoRAID understanding

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LUN & AutoRAID understanding

Can anyone give me some links to know more about LUNs and AutoRAID in HP-UX? We are setting up VA7110, and I need to study the best setup for it to be used optimally by Informix DB.

If you could give me also some good tips in advance, so much the better (i'll give extra points for that).



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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: LUN & AutoRAID understanding

Here's a link to some whitepapers:

With the VA7110, you have one Redundancy Group... so all your LUNs will span all drives.

I would suggest creating 3 LUNs for your database - the VA will adjust itself to your I/O patterns on the LUNs. Typically, we use one LUN for logs and such that are sequential access, one LUN for Indices, and one for tablespaces. You can use more, but think of 3 as the minimum, and don't have TOO many - it will degrade the performance if you give it too many to manage.

Don't forget to use controller MC/1 as your Primary PVLink path. Using the other controller will slow things down.

Good luck!


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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: LUN & AutoRAID understanding

Vincent is excellent. I would add that in database environment VA does better if set up in AutoRAID mode, not in RAID 0/1 mode