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LUN resizing on va -- possible?

Simon Galton
Frequent Advisor

LUN resizing on va -- possible?

We'd like to take advantage of Business Copy on our new va7410.

Ideally each mountpoint for our new Oracle Financials system could be fed from it's own LUN, allowing us to do a BC for each database instance with relative ease.

The disadvantage of this approach would be that every time a mountpoint needs resizing, we'd either have to create a new LUN and add it to the volume group hosting that mountpoint and extend the filesystem(complicating the BC scenario), or we'd need to create a new LUN of the correct size, add it to the volume group, pvmove the data over and remove the original (the downside being that we'd always have to have a fair chunk of free space handy).

If a LUN could be extended, however...

Any hope? Any other suggestions?

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: LUN resizing on va -- possible?

Wow. What a mess. You can't extend the file system with business copies?

What about PVGs? One pvg could be 4 luns, then you extend by adding another pvg of 4 luns. This is a common enough procedure with XP's and LVM striping.

Here are some links indicating that LUNS can't be extended.


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