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LUN usage - ( armdsp VS. Compaq Site Manager )

f. halili
Trusted Contributor

LUN usage - ( armdsp VS. Compaq Site Manager )

We have a VA7410 and I'm reporting the LUN usage via "armdsp".

When I compare the values of the allocated space in the LUNS assigned for our WINDOWS servers, I see a difference in the values when I counter check the output with what Compaq Site Manager shows as it's usage for their disk. My values are off bigtime!

Any thoughts??

f. halili
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: LUN usage - ( armdsp VS. Compaq Site Manager )


the VA's allocated space is just a internal Autoraid parameter that shows how much of the space has been reserved or set aside already for this particular LUN and does not link at all with the effective datafiles and disk % occupancy at the operating systems level or file system level.

This is most probably where the difference comes from that you are seeing.
HP Insight manager shows the % or Mbytes used at the Operating Sustem level.

Their is no way to check in the VA disk array how much effective data is stored on the LUN itself. i.e. the LUN can have 100% allocated space if it has ever been full at one time and then this value will not change, even if you delete data files.