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LVM Striping and XP128: Yes or No?

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

LVM Striping and XP128: Yes or No?

I've got two FC's per server and 1 ACP Pair on the XP128. I can use a round robin scheme to load balance the reads and writes over the PV links and FCs but it doesn't look like anything else is possible except maybe LVM striping and PVG's. And with 1 ACP Pair I am guessing its more likely to slow things down. Comments?
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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: LVM Striping and XP128: Yes or No?

Use the stiping to balance I/O over more than one array group (set of drives). The more array groups you stripe accross, the faster your I/O will be... the more drives, the better.

So, If you are accessing only a single LDEV, then striping will not help (by definintion). If you are using more than one LDEV, pick LDEVs that are on different array groups (such as the first LDEV from each of your array groups...), and stipe them.

Good luck!
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