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Large disk array on Solaris 7

Greg Kobrenski
Occasional Visitor

Large disk array on Solaris 7

No, I am not a new user. I've done newfs probably hundreds
of times. But, I've never had to futz around with obscure
parameters because the device geometry was insane.

I want to get a file system made that
doesn't require 4096 byte fragments. Is that too much to ask?
I would think that there is some combination of cylinders,
heads, and sectors that should give that result, but I don't
have time to search for it.

tahoe# newfs -m 1 -o time /dev/rdsk/c2t8d0s2
newfs: construct a new file system /dev/rdsk/c2t8d0s2: (y/n)? y
With 16129 sectors per cylinder, minimum cylinders per group is 16
and the fragment size to be changed from 0 to 4096

With these parameters, it returns immediately, seemingly doing
nothing -f 4096 to specify the fragment size, like:
tahoe# newfs -f 4096 -m 1 -o time /dev/rdsk/c2t8d0s2

This worked, or seemed to.

The problem now is that it I am losing a lot of space when I have
directories with lots of little files.