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Larger disks for fc60 array

Patti Johnson
Respected Contributor

Larger disks for fc60 array


We currently have an N4000 running HP-UX 11.0 with an FC60 arrary containing 20 18.@GB 15K drives.

We need additional storage on this test server. Can the 18.2GB drives be replace with larger drives, or would another array be necessary.

Not exactly sure how much additional space is needed, but approx 50GB would be my guess.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Larger disks for fc60 array

hi patti,

you really have plenty of choice really, it just depends which way and how much work you want to have to do configuring wise.

The FC60 can have 6x SC10 boxes attached to it so you could easily add another 4 if you have 2 fully populated already. These could either be filled with disks adding another 40 disks. And then extend the VG's or create new ones

Or you could as you already said replace all the 18gb drives with larger ones.

This would mean backing up and starting the array a fresh and then restoring though

The max supported size I believe to be 73gb

these are the HP product numbers

A6274A 36gb 10k U3 disk
A6275A 36gb 15k U3 disk
A6280A 36gb 15k u3 disk
A5639A 36gb 10k U2 disk
A5595A 36gb 10k LVD disk
A5622A 73gb 10k LVD disk
A6276A 73gb 10k LVD disk
A5640A 73gb 10k U2 disk
A6281A 73gb 10k U3 disk

You could go larger than this with non hp drives and no support of course.

Just a few options for you