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Lazy admin seeks EVA HP-UX scripts!


Lazy admin seeks EVA HP-UX scripts!

Anyone out there already produced something like the following?

I'm thinking of producing a script specifcally for HP-UX which uses ioscan/fcmsutil and SSSU to produce an output for EVA4/6/8K which is a bit like xpinfo for the XP disk arrays. My 'EVAinfo' command would run on a host connected to the EVA with SSSU installed and would produce an output that might look like this:


If I get really smart, it might be nice to relate any snapshots/clones to each other as well.

This sort of thing is a must when using PVLinks, as otherwise things very quickly get confusing when you have more than a couple of LUNs presented to a host, and I'm surprised HP didn't provide something like that...

Anyway I'm pretty lazy, so if someone else has already produced something like this that they are willing to share, or could give some pointers to get me started that would be great.




Uwe Zessin
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Re: Lazy admin seeks EVA HP-UX scripts!

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Re: Lazy admin seeks EVA HP-UX scripts!

You can match EVA luns to dev files based on the ctd #. The lun # that's presented in CV is represented in the ctd #. I don't go past 5 luns right now, so my luns are presented c1t0td1, d2, d3, etc. and the second path is c2t0d1, d2, d3, etc.

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Dave La Mar
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Re: Lazy admin seeks EVA HP-UX scripts!

Duncan -
Don't have a ready made script. Most of our sssu stuff is for cloning and checking status.

I've attached the manual in case you don't have a copy.

My apologies for not being more helpful.


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