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Limitations with Command View EVA 3.3 - issues in the field, req. clarification

Lyndon Handy
Frequent Advisor

Limitations with Command View EVA 3.3 - issues in the field, req. clarification

As we know, CV EVA 3.3 supports the installation on a Management Appliance or on a semi-dedicated Windows server.

There are some restrictions identified in the release notes that are causing some delivery issues in the field in a traditional management appliance environment, these are:

1) Release Notes for CV EVA 3.3 state that "SSSU Build 7 for Command View 3.3" is required. The latest platform kit for the EVA 3000 is 3.0F, and it contains an older version of SSSU “Build 7 for Command View 3.2”. Where is the proper SSSU kit? Is there a platform kit for Windows version 3.0G perhaps? Either the release notes are incorrect or there is an unpublished platform kit that is required.

2) Release Notes state that as of CV 3.3, SecurePath Manager is not supported on a Management Appliance. We have customers with SecurePath Manager properly working on an existing Management Appliance. Upgrading to CV 3.3/VCS 3.020 still allows SecurePath Manager to function. Business Copy server and SecurePath Manager are both essential tools that should be installed on the Management Appliance. Could the release notes be incorrect, and perhaps the statement was referring to CV 3.3 installed on a separate Windows server and not the Management Appliance? Obviously the management appliance si the best location for centralized path management.

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