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Logical Disk Expansion on MSA500 Cluster

Kristian Vidal
Occasional Contributor

Logical Disk Expansion on MSA500 Cluster


I need to expand one of my two disk mirrors within my MSA500, but am unsure the best method. It currently runs on a DL380 G2 cluster with Win2003.
The current logical partition is 4gb on 2x8Gb disks mirrored, I wish to expand it to the full 8gb, but am unsure which way is best, using Logical Expansion via the ACU or using the DISKPART util with Windows, or both.
I have two controllers in each node a SA-5I+ (onboard Battery Backup) and SA-532 (PCI).

Has anyone any idea?

Many Thanks
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Logical Disk Expansion on MSA500 Cluster

there are two steps necessary:

1. expand the logical disk on the MSA500 with ACU. This allocates the remaining free space from the disk drive array to the logical disk.

2. I think you have to rescan for disks or just reboot the server, but then Windows will show free space on the disk which has been expanded. Now you can create another partition on this disk or expand the only partition with DISKPART.