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Logical Drive Never Rebuild

Occasional Visitor

Logical Drive Never Rebuild

Hi I have a problem with an array with 2 logical drives and logical drive 1 which shows up "Ready for Rebuild" but replacing the failed drive will only rebuild logical drive 2, logical drive 1 do nothing. The system is as follows:

Compaq 5000, external storage system 4-7E
Compaq SMART-2/P firm 4.32
Array consists 7 4Gb disks
16Gb Logical drive 1
8Gb Logical drive 2

Have any one had this problem before? Any help will be much appreciated thanks

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Logical Drive Never Rebuild


is any of the drives still failed?
4x4gb ld1, 2x4gb ld2 and one spare?


Occasional Visitor

Re: Logical Drive Never Rebuild

Hi no the replaced drive is ok. Both ld are part of 1 raid, ld2 is extended.
Andy Conboy
Occasional Visitor

Re: Logical Drive Never Rebuild

Hi Coyote,

I've seen this when one of the remaining disk has bad blocks, but has not physically failed.

To rebuild the storage, the data/parity must be read from the remaining disks. This is prevented from a bad block on another disk. Previously, the array would have reported a soft error and read the data using parity from the now 'failed' disk.

Are there any other event logs errors (i.e. ready to rebuild, rebuilding, failed, etc.).

You need to identify the 2nd faulty disk.

bob merrison
Occasional Visitor

Re: Logical Drive Never Rebuild


I have the same problem I replaced a failed drive and it immediately started to rebuild but when it got to about 97% done it then stopped and said "Ready for Rebuild". But I've now found that one of the other drives is reporting 280 hard read errors but I don't want to replace this drive until the Ready for Rebuild error has gone away for fear of trashing the array. IM has not failed this 2nd drive and says everything is OK apart from these hard read errors. Will replacing the 2nd drive trash the array if the 1st drive that was replaced has not rebuilt? Can anyone from HP help?

The machine is a DL380 G4 with Smart 6400 RAID controller with 6 RAID 5 drives, the OS is Linux - VMware ESX Server 2.5.0