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Logical Drive Re enable

Mahmood Khatri_1
Occasional Contributor

Logical Drive Re enable

Hello All,

I had a terrible experience today. I have MSA 1500 Controller Shelf connecting 2 MSA 30s and configured two logical drives, one on each MSA30. all of a sudden, one of the logical drive has stopped working, there is no any physical indication ( like amber light on the disks etc). If I check under ACU ,it shows Logical Drive 1 with a red circle and a line on it and on the task panel I have the option of " Re enable Failed Logical Drive" If I select that I get a warning that "any previously existing data may not be valid or recoverable"..I am worried to continue with this step as I have a lot of data which I dont want to lose. Has anyone experienced this? If I re enable logical drive, will I lose my data? Please suggest I am totally stuck.
Valued Contributor

Re: Logical Drive Re enable

Please check the controller/shelf connectivity.

Are you able to see all disks from "show disk" output?

Do you have any other LUN sharing the same set of disks and working fine ?

I would log a call with HP if the box holds business data.