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Logical drives swapped

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Logical drives swapped

I have a DL380G2 with Smart Array 5302 128MB and 6 * 18GB hard drives configed as RAID 0+1 in Array A (boot drive). Later I bought a brand new HP 4314R disk Array enclosure and insert 14*146GB hard drives and configured it as a Raid 5 array. I found that the new array (Raid 5) has become Array A and the original array has become array B so that I can't boot the server any more. Please provide any solutions in additional to adding one more Smart Array card. Thans a lot.
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Re: Logical drives swapped


The drive cage connected to the first SCSI Channel (A?) becomes array A and the array connected to the second array becomes B.
So in your case, swap the SCSI connectors on the array controllers, and your arrays will also swap.