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Looking for ARM software for the 12H (A3700A).....

Mark Engelbrecht
Occasional Visitor

Looking for ARM software for the 12H (A3700A).....

Running HPUx 11.2 and cannot locate the Auto RAID Manager software... Looking for OS-CORE.ARRAY-MGT and cannot find it in CORE-OS or Applications CD(s). Anybody run into this and know where to locate it? Only finding NT and Patches....

IPS, Inc.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Looking for ARM software for the 12H (A3700A).....

You will find that the 12H is not listed as compatible equipment for 11.2x and thus no ARM software is available. It was not ported. You might put in a cell to HP to get the request in the queue as there are a number of these old gals out there. Your box can access already created LUN's on the array; I haven't tried running arraymgr, arraydsp, arraycfg from PA-RISC but that might work.
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