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Lost Raidset in RA8000

Frequent Advisor

Lost Raidset in RA8000


I have the following problem on HSZ80 (RA8000):

Loss of 1 raidset with error code 39 (NVPM configuration inconsistent)

After controlleur reset, the 2 others raidset are present the raidset R1 (as well as partititions and units) does not exist anymore ! All disks are seen well.

RA8000 configuration (single controller):

HSZ80 ACS 8.3Z-1
R1 = 6 X 4.3Gb in raid5 => lost
R2 = 6 X 4.3 GB => OK
R3 = 3 X 18,2 GB => OK

in this case, I creat the raidset R1, 2 partitions and the 2 units => and R1 is reconstructing => no data lost in R1

The hsz80 was already changed, but we have the same problem.

I never encountered this problem !

Do you have an idea?

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Frequent Advisor

Re: Lost Raidset in RA8000

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