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Lun Masking & Lun Mapping

Ranjith M

Lun Masking & Lun Mapping

Hi All,

Appreciate if some one can give me the difference between lunmasking and lun mapping.

Best Regards,

Mustafa Gulercan
Respected Contributor

Re: Lun Masking & Lun Mapping


LUN Masking is an integral part of Host LUN presentation along with LUN Mapping. The LUN Masking setup will determine which WWN (host bus adapter) will be able to access a virtual disk or sets of virtual disks (VDISKS). As a feature of storage virtualization (SV), LUN Masking has numerous customer benefits such as security and configurable LUN presentation.
LUN mapping setup allows total ease of Host LUN configuration of VDISKS. Using this feature the customer can easily configure a VDISK to a particular Host visible LUN number.

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Re: Lun Masking & Lun Mapping

Masking refers to making a LUN visible to some servers and not visible to others.

Mapping referes to the assignment of a number to a LUN. It can then be presented to a host.

You could say that masking=mapping + presentation

Some array manufactures use one term others use another and will not go through the trouble separating these activities or use the terms above to describe more activities than what defined above.

Some might say there is no difference between mapping and masking...