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Lun ownership on Nike array

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Tim Medford
Valued Contributor

Lun ownership on Nike array

I have a Nike array (model 20) with dual controllers.

I bound LUNs 1 and 2 using the gridmgr0 account, which is through SP-A. I bound LUNs 3 and 4 using gridmgr1, which is SP-B.

When I first bound the LUNs everything looked normal. Depending on which controller I was connected to, 2 of the LUNs status is 'ENA' and the other 2 say 'RDY'.

After a couple hours, 1 of the LUNs bound through SP-A has changed ownership to SP-B. There are messages in the unsolicited event log about "Unit shutdown for Auto-trespass".

I can change the default ownership back to SP-A, recycle the controllers and it usually fixes it, but eventually it ends up back on SP-B.

Do you think this is a hardware problem or am I doing something incorrectly?

Thanks in advance,
Iain F. Brown
Valued Contributor

Re: Lun ownership on Nike array

It sounds like LVM is causing the switch. What you need to do is check which is the primary and secondary links. To change links over just pvreduce primary link then pvextend same path.
Tim Medford
Valued Contributor

Re: Lun ownership on Nike array

Thanks Iain, you are absolutely correct! I saw your other post to my vgcreate question too. Once I did the vgreduce and vgextend the LUN ownership corrected itself.

Boy, I learned something today. I had no idea that an LVM flub could get into that Nike array and change things around!
Honored Contributor

Re: Lun ownership on Nike array

Hi Tim,

Please have a look at this link to answer your
question thoroughly.
It is real easy to make a nike work slowly.
Following the guidelines I give in this mail
will make sure you get the best out of it.

The help file is wrong in terms of what ENA
and RDY mean. ENA is not the Default owner
rather the Current - where the last io access
went through. It is important to access the
array through the Default owner which is really
best found with tools-info-run from mstm.
You can get online diag from
software.hp.com/SUPPORT_PLUS/ and it's a free
download. You can configure the array from
the host with mstm rather than having to do
so from Gridmanager via RS232.
The Maintenance Information will report in
the logs exactly why your nike switched.


It works for me (tm)