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MA8000 and D390 HP-UX 11.11


MA8000 and D390 HP-UX 11.11

We are serving out 3 LUNs from the MA8000 to a D390 running HP-UX 11.11. The problem is, instead of seeing 3 luns over 2 paths, it sees 2 luns over 3 paths.

(An IBM device shows similair problems. 8 Luns over 1 path show up as 1 lun over 8 paths.)

The D390 has onle 1 HBA.

What are we doing wrong?
If it works perfectly, it must be broke.
Ted Buis
Honored Contributor

Re: MA8000 and D390 HP-UX 11.11

What command are you using to "see" these LUNs? Can you provide more details on the connections? I am guessing you have a fiber channel switch/hub or two in this configuration with dual paths to the array, if the server only has one HBA.

http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/10545_na/10545_na.html for quickspecs

How is it possible to see only 2 LUNs over 3 paths, or do you mean that you are seeing two LUNs on all three paths? I think you need to provide more informantion for anyone to help.
Mom 6
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MA8000 and D390 HP-UX 11.11

How is the MA8000 configured?
- transparent or multibus failover?
- SCSI-2 or SCSI-3?
- what version of ACS?
- what operating system type has been set on the connections?
- what are the names of the units in use?

What model of fibre channel adapter is installed in the server?