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MA8000 component


MA8000 component

Sir :

There are MA8000 in our company, I see these spec. It have "HP G80 ACSsf Mul 8.8F Lic.PCM P ALL" and "G80 SolSW U/A LIC/MCD/DOC" , I don't know their functio !Could you tell me their function in MA8000 ?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MA8000 component

The first one looks like the firmware card for a HSG80 controller module. Please do not attempt do do an upgrade on your own, just by replacing a card!

The second one sounds like a package of documentation and CD-ROM. It contains the SWCC (Storage Works Command Console) management GUI and support software for an operating system (e.g. the SWCC agent).