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MDS600 dim LEDs

Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

MDS600 dim LEDs

Hi folks,


We have a couple of MDS600 arrays in the workshop, and Customer has picked up that on both of them the right-hand drawer LEDs are much dimmer than the left drawer and flash occasionally, ie hit full intensity. The left drawer is permanently bright.


I can't see anything in the books that say it's a 'feature' though it wouldn't surprise me :) There's 35 individual LEDs in there, so is it just 'something it does'?







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Honored Contributor

Re: MDS600 dim LEDs

Which LEDs are you referring to?  Sounds like you mean the individual drive slot LEDs.


When shipped the LED panel has a protective film covering.  Could it be that one drawer has it left on?


Also, the LED's have different meanings when the drive drawer is in "drive locate" mode (at least per the operations manual).  Perhaps this simply means that ACU is active on a server attached to one drawer?



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Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

Re: MDS600 dim LEDs

Hi Robert,


Thanks for that, both panels have their protective covering on, closer inspection of both drawer panels and drive LEDs show the right hand is flashing very quickly while the left hadn is just on constantly. The lads who did the RAID config are checking to make sure they haven't got something wrong accidentally!


I've attached a picture which will hopefully make things clearer.