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MIgrate from raid 5 to raid 10

Iain Binnie

MIgrate from raid 5 to raid 10

Hi, can anyone please help!


I have 4 disks on a P410i controller currently configured as RAID 5 and I would like to migrate to RAID 10 but when I look in the ACU I only see the option to migrate to RAID 0 or 10. Is it possible to migrate from RAID 4 to 10 with 4 disks ?


Any Help Appreciated!!!!

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MIgrate from raid 5 to raid 10

RAID-10 requires more disk space for redundancy than RAID-5. You cannot migrate a logical disk from 5-to-10 unless there is enough free space in the disk drive array.


You wrote "... to migrate to RAID 0 or 10", but I guess you meant to say "... to migrate to RAID 0 only, not 10".