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ML 370 Add unused space to Raid 5 Array

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ML 370 Add unused space to Raid 5 Array

I have just added a 6th disk to my single array raid 5. The last drive shows up as unused space 104761 mb in the ACU. I wish to make use of this space as my Data drive ( E ) is running out of space on Win2003.

When I try to expand the logical drive it only lets me expand it from 260000 to a max of 261116 so obviously no use. Once expaneded I had intended to use Acronis Disk Director to resize the drives as I have previously done.

Any ideas why I cant extend this logical drive ? I have successfully done this on another ML370.
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Re: ML 370 Add unused space to Raid 5 Array


weird because you know how to do it but it is not letting you

check my attached file and if you want you can upload some screens from your conf

also which ml370 ? generation? which controller?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!