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ML 370 G3 - Replace Raid 0 with 0+1 and keep image - help!

Chris - Forklifts
Occasional Visitor

ML 370 G3 - Replace Raid 0 with 0+1 and keep image - help!

We have a 2003 exchange server with a system drive that was incorrectly configured with a 2 disk Raid 0 array. I want to grab an image, insert two new drives and have the image pasted back on in a redundanct array. We created a ghost 8.0 image of the array, installed 2 new drives and created a 0+1 array, then pasted the image on top. It took, but gives a BSOD when loading into Windows. Is this becasue the Ghost image has info on the original Raid 0 and it does not want to work on the new Raid 0+1? After doing some reading I am wondering if all I need to do is paste the image to a single drive and then create the mirror with the ACU after the fact. Would doing this exlimate the possible issue of the existing Raid info on the image causing problems by taking Raid out of the picture? Then when the ACU creates the mirror it adds the correct Raid info to both drives and we all live happily ever after? Any help is appreciated - thanks!
Chris - Forklifts
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML 370 G3 - Replace Raid 0 with 0+1 and keep image - help!

I should note we are attempting to go to Raid 1, not 0+1. Thanks.