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ML150 G2 SATA RAID - Which Disk Has Failed?

Simon Peers2
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ML150 G2 SATA RAID - Which Disk Has Failed?

ML150 G2 SATA RAID with 6x160Gb SATA HOT PLUG. 2x160Gb Disks (Position 0,1) Mirrored for system (C:).3x160Gb Disks (Position 2,3,4) RAID 5 for Data (D:). 1x160Gb Online Spare (Position 5). All setup in Adaptec RAID Utility. On bootup, utility reports both RAIDs to be optimal and functional. No mention of online spare.

In Windows SBS2003 sp1 I am getting warnings about corrupt and unreadable files. I have run CHKDSK a couple of times at boot and although it paused for a long time at 35% on D:, it completed both checks reporting no errors. Straight away after booting event log reports NTFS errors Event ID 55 "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume Data".

What I need to know is:
1. How do I tell which disk might be failing? Event Log suggests Volume Data which is D: so could this be disks 2,3,4 in the array? There are no lights on the disks themselves showing, even at boot.

2. Is there a utility which would help me to find out this information - when I installed the server I recall it stating that insight manager would specifically not run on servers with SATA disks, something I was dismayed to read after purchase!

3. What to do next?
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Re: ML150 G2 SATA RAID - Which Disk Has Failed?

for your event Id go here http://eventid.net/

tools and utilities to check your HDD

SATA RAID Event Notification Daemon for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2002
-provides event notification daemon support for HP 6-Port SATA RAID controller for W2000/W2003. This component is supported only with HP 6-Port SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows

2. HP SATA RAID Controller Manager
The Storage Manager provides a Graphic User Interface based tool to configure the HP 6-Port and Embedded SATA RAID Controllers

3. and the last one
will give important info, here use Diagnose and IML
HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition

follow the steps in each one of them to install and so on

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