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ML300 Proliant - Disk Array BIOS

Brenden Ward_1
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ML300 Proliant - Disk Array BIOS

We have a proliant ML300 running on Netware system. We recently replaced one of the hard disk but the disk mirroring has stopped. We are struggling to work out how we get into the scsi bios on the server to check the setting and re-start the mirroring. Hardware raid is what we are looking for as software doesn't mirror the disks fully (we think)
Any ideas on how to enter the scsi bios would be appreciated. We've tried f8, f9, f2 but nothing happens.

Brenden Ward
Bostjan Kosi
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML300 Proliant - Disk Array BIOS

Try pressing F10 when cursor moves to the top of the screen during boot. This of course is valid for G1 (white) servers if they have so called system partition on the disk ( if installed using smartstart the partition was created by default). Pressing f10 will take you to the System Configuration Utility (preBIOS).
For G2 and up either f10 or f9 will take U to the BIOS.

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